Are you thinking about moving to Normandy and working there? Maybe you’re still not sure about making the move, and need to be convinced? Follow our guide to working in Normandy! Whether in the city or the countryside, in a start-up or a large corporation, in the office or working from home, working in Normandy is synonymous with improved quality of life. Take the plunge for the financial benefits, shared values, career opportunities or a future-proof job – anything is possible!

Why choose a job in Normandy?  

Normandy is best known for its seafront and its wooded countryside, for its numerous sights to see and things to do, and for its proximity to Paris and the UK… But less so for its economic energy and its local businesses. However, the region has a lot to offer both companies and employees: a welcoming environment, a good work/life balance, an affordable cost of living, opportunities for career development and socially conscious companies… let’s take a look!

For the lifestyle

Living and working in Normandy means enjoying all the region has to offer: nature, quaint towns, the sea… all without spending your life sitting in traffic jams. Getting around the region is easy, whether you use our comprehensive public transport system, or well-developed roads. Working 10 minutes from the sea, 15 minutes from the forest or commuting by bike is just part of everyday life here in Normandy. Working from home is becoming increasingly widespread, as are co-working spaces and community areas which can be found all over the region. We’ve got everything you need for the perfect work/life balance!

For the affordable cost of living

The cost of living, which is naturally lower than in major cities such as Paris or London, strikes the ideal balance between reasonable rents and appropriate salaries: the median gross annual salary is set at €23,600, while rents and purchase prices are generally reasonable.  As a guide, property prices in Normandy are 5 times cheaper than in Paris. The average purchase price is €2,000 per square metre (€186/sq ft) and the average rental price is €10 per square metre (€1/sq ft).

Key figures – The job market

  • Unemployment rate: 6.6% (Source: France Travail – 1st quarter 2023 – Normandy)
  • Employees: 1,236,500 (Source: France Travail – 1st quarter 2023 – Normandy)
  • Median gross salary: €23,653/year (Source: Emploi Normandie 2023)
  • Recruitment: 140,000 new hires in 2023 (Source: France Travail – 2nd quarter 2023 – Normandy)

Recruitment figures are also positive. In 2023, for example, there were almost 140,000 planned hires in the region. A third of businesses in Normandy are planning to hire staff, and 42% of these labour requirements are in the personal services sector (BMO Pôle Emploi 2023). The manufacturing, business services, trade and construction sectors also recorded high recruitment figures. 

For the career opportunities

Plusieurs étudiants au campus Celsi de Rouen

Once you’ve been officially hired for the job of your dreams, your career prospects don’t stop there. Nearly 60% of 2023’s new hires in the region were for managers, supervisors or heads of department on fixed-term or permanent contracts. APEC Normandie reports that 6,920 executives were recruited in 2023. This year, could one of them be you? If you need a reason to take the plunge: half of the executives currently working in Normandy believe they could easily find a permanent job at least equivalent to their current one if they changed companies (48% vs. 53% in France as a whole). This figure reflects their optimism about the career opportunities available to them outside of their current company (Source: APEC Normandie).

For the social and environmental commitments

In late 2020, backed by the Region, Normandy’s leading economic stakeholders endorsed the “Normandie ODD 2030” manifesto for sustainable development objectives. The region’s economic landscape is working to meet the current challenges of energy transition and of a low-carbon economy.

Homme qui travaille sur une tablette numérique

A number of innovative projects have been developed to address these shared challenges. Each year, Normandy4Good, the regional prize for innovation with impact, shortlists companies that make a positive impact, such as YesYes ( a high-tech refurbishment specialist) and Sharebooks (an online university library). The Normandy Economy Awards, organised by AD Normandie (a regional development agency), also highlight local initiatives. These include Neolitik (a project that develops environmentally-friendly alternatives to concrete), Veragrow (where earthworms lend a hand in farming), and La Vegisserie (organic, plant-based and gluten-free desserts and ice creams). Every year, a host of ideas are born and developed on a long-term basis, thanks to the infrastructure and other forms of support available to start-ups in the region.

CSR, company culture, working from home, economic and social benefits, employee share ownership… In Normandy, you can work to make the world a more sustainable place, for companies who are committed to change, and who know that happy employees are motivated employees!

Where can you work in Normandy? 

The region has a rich economic community with a wide range of business sectors, and is home to a number of recognised sectors of excellence.  Whether you’re looking for a job in the public or private sector, a small or large organisation, a company or an charity, there’s a whole host of possibilities open to you! Emerging sectors are recruiting in droves, while other short-staffed professions are regularly on the look-out for candidates.

Our industries of excellence

All sorts of exciting innovations come to life in Normandy. Our region is a hotbed of knowledge, researchers, entrepreneurs, individuals and cutting-edge facilities that have seen game-changing ideas revolutionise everyday life on a global scale. Business clusters, industries, sectors of excellence, and other strategic corporate networks work together to build the region’s future. Food & farming, the horse industry, aerospace and defence, energy, automobile, maritime and freight, transport and logistics, health, cosmetics and luxury goods, digital, tourism, craftsmanship and culture… our list of industries of excellence covers the full range of the region’s economic activities. 

From small businesses to multinationals…

There are more than 200,000 businesses in the region. They range from very small businesses to multinationals, including start-ups and medium-sized companies. The public sector is equally present, with its government departments, associations and local authorities. Towns, communities of municipalities (or EPCIs), departments, the region–you can get involved at different geographical levels, such as Caen La Mer Urban Community, Lisieux Town Hall, Rouen Normandy Metropole, Bernay Intercom, Flers Urban Area, Vexin Normandy Community of Municipalities, and more.

The region is also home to around 50,000 active non-profit groups. (Source: CRESS Normandie). These include abbeys, museums, regional agencies, and associations, as well as sporting, cultural, and historical associations like the Regional Chamber of Agriculture, the Château de Falaise, and Le Tangram theatre and conference centre. The social and non-profit sector accounts for 10.7% of employment in Normandy, employing 1 in 10 workers. Getting involved in this sector means playing a part in the local economy, working as part of a group and contributing to a sustainable transition, which could be social, ecological, or energy-related.

How to choose your career and sector

To help you make the right choice, here’s an overview of the most promising careers in Normandy, including some currently understaffed roles. A more in-depth focus on manufacturing is essential, given that it is the top sector in the region.

The top 5 sectors for recruitment

  • Manufacturing: 110,000 job offers
  • Construction: 7,500 job offers
  • Healthcare: 3,600 job offers
  • Retail: 3,500 job offers
  • Accounting: 2,600 job offers

(Source: Emploi Normandie – 2nd quarter 2023)

Careers for the future

  • As France’s leading region in wealth and employment generation through energy production, Normandy boasts 36,000 workers in the energy sector. It is a key provider of nuclear, thermal, and renewable energy. Mechanics, electricians, boilermakers, welders, inspectors, and engineers are frequently recruited to support the industry’s needs in supply, enhancement, construction, and production of energy.
  • The digital economy in Normandy: this is a booming sector, with more than 10,000 jobs advertised in 2022. All sorts of roles are available, including in development, infrastructure, technology…  more than 80 different specialties are represented! Other rapidly expanding branches include cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and data processing.
  • Local services: trades, health, legal, administrative, catering, etc. More than 26,000 companies in 53 areas of work are regularly recruiting. Five sectors in particular are experiencing a shortage of staff in Normandy: agricultural machinery, care services, trades and crafts, bakeries, and the health sector. Chef, executive assistant, payroll manager… the local businesses collective has approximately 2,000 contracts on offer (permanent, fixed-term, and apprenticeships). Training programmes are also available.

Manufacturing industry

Studio 911
Industrie Frenehard

With a GDP of €90.5 billion and a per capita GDP of €27,180, Normandy’s manufacturing sector is a key creator of value in the region. Of the region’s 1.28 million workers, a higher percentage than the national average are employed in the agriculture, manufacturing and construction sectors (Source: Region of Normandy). 

Due to the region’s ongoing ambitions for low carbon emissions and innovative technology, a variety of positions are available to meet its specialised needs. Welders, boilermakers, valve technicians, electrical specialists, engineers… Recruitment is on the rise! More than 200,000 contracts are available in this sector, representing 16% of employment in Normandy.

Normandy’s industrial partners, which include Toshiba, Naval Group, EDF, PSA, Thales, Arkema, Aptar, Safran, Ferrero, Masselin, Schneider Electric, Socotex, Sotraban, and Zalkin, have significant plants in the region. 

Finding a job in Normandy

Have you decided to move to Normandy, but are wondering where you’re going to find a job? Not to worry: there are dedicated services available for all your needs! Whether on a regional, departmental or local level, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

The regional job site, “Emploi Normandie” 

Are you looking to find out which companies are hiring, and which industries are looking for workers in Normandy? Having a hard time working out which company would be your ideal match? Looking for that rare gem? Somewhere to post your CV, or where you can match your experience and values with your dream business? 

Developed by the Region of Normandy, the regional Agency for Orientation and Professions, the regional Development Agency, and Normandie Attractivité business development hub, “Emploi Normandie” is the regional job site that lists all the available positions in the area. It’s a free tool for both employers and jobseekers, combining job vacancies from national platforms (France Travail, APEC, Hellowork, etc.), as well as from local platforms in Normandy and the careers pages of companies in the region: in other words, one-stop access to all the jobs on offer in Normandy!

Available support services

Normandy is a region that is open to the world: this openness is reflected in its welcoming culture. And it’s not just the locals who are welcoming–all the local authorities are, too! Each area of the region will do all it can to make you feel at home. Our local authorities support you in your arrival, particularly from an administrative point of view, and in your job search. This includes a website dedicated to new and future arrivals to the Manche department; the Arsène smart service in the Eure department; and brochures, support, and advice to help you and your partner find jobs.

Whether you’re looking for information about the region, job hunting for your future move, or anywhere in between, working in Normandy offers you a wealth of opportunities: a pleasant and comfortable place to live, a healthy work/life balance, career development in socially responsible companies, the chance to play a part in developing the sectors of the future… all this with the support of local partners who are ready to step in and help you. Our advice? Sit back and let us guide you!

Working in Normandy

Emploi Normandie: revolutionising recruitment in Normandy

Are you struggling to find staff? Looking for that rare gem? A place where you can say what you’re looking for and why your business is a great place to work? Good news: the new platform designed by the Normandy Region and its partners meets your every need. Let’s find out more. A unique tool…

Nuclear, a future industry in Normandy

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