Do you want a fresh start to boost your career without sacrificing your wellbeing? This is the place for you! Our friendly towns, majestic coasts and lush nature fuel eco-friendly companies, exciting start-ups and first class courses. It’s the perfect place to begin a new chapter and strike the right work-life balance.
Are you looking for an excuse to move to Normandy and enjoy life in France? Here are our top 10 reasons to take the plunge.

Cabanes_de_plage_a_Barneville-Carteret Manche
Sophie Kernen Jumeaux Co / CRT Normandie


You’re close to everything

Welcoming Normandy has links all over France and especially the capital: Paris! International boat and plane travel connect Normandy with the rest of the world. The two lands aren’t just close in distance; they’re bound by history too. Just take the Bayeux Tapestry and D-Day beaches. Did you know that William the Conqueror is a distant relative of the royal family? 

Coraline et Leo / CRT Normandie


You’re in for a mouth-watering experience

Have you tried Normandy scallops cooked in Isigny butter? It’s the place to “brie” for cheese with Camembert, Pont-L’évêque, Livarot and Neufchâtel! Wash it all down with refreshing beer, sparkling cider and modern calvados. Feast your senses on Normandy’s 15 protected designation of origin products, local markets and shops!

soudure de métal
Teddy Verneuil


You will find a job that you love

If you’re happy at work then you’re happy at home here! Companies with CSR & QWL policies, collaborations between the worlds of research and business, innovative recruitment, future careers, exciting projects fuelling transition, engagement, progression… Normandy is sculpting a fairer and greener future in an ever-changing world.

Teddy Verneuil


You can easily set up your own business

Normandy is home to business clusters and a dozen industries of excellence that fuel the local economy. We encourage entrepreneurial spirit here: Normandy would love you to come and do business in its inspiring land with its sights set on a more sustainable future. Do you have a revolutionary idea, service to provide or start-up to set up? Incubators, accelerators, networks, French tech, business clusters: there are facilities all over the area to help expand your business.

Doing business in Normandy, France

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Marie-Anais Thierry / CRT Normandie


You will have space

Are you dreaming of a house, maybe with a garden or an apartment in the town centre, ready for you to live the belle vie in France? There’s something for everyone no matter your style with (very) affordable properties by the sea, forest, in rolling countryside, city centres and small towns.

Living in Normandy: everything you need to know!

Chevaux pur sang dans le Pays d'Auge en Normandie
Valentin Pacaut – The Explorers


You can do what you want, when you want

Our friendly towns bring you the best of peace and quiet or hustle and bustle, making them the perfect place for taking back control of your schedule.

Soak it all up with nearby facilities, shops and schools and weekends with a holiday vibe!

Marie-Anais Thierry / CRT Normandie


You can enjoy some me-time

This is the perfect place to indulge your passion for cinema, theatre, nature, culture, D-Day, Impressionism or international events like the Deauville American Film Festival! Explore, travel back in time, get your heart racing for a weekend, holiday or after work: there’s so much to see and do. You’re welcome!

Things to do in Normandy for culture-lovers: art, music, cinema, theatre and more…

Philippe Fauvel / CRT Normandie


You will never be too hot or too cold

Let’s admit it: you can never trust the weather!

It’s not unusual for the radiant sun to come out after a refreshing shower in Normandy. We have a mild climate and diverse landscapes to revisit every season with that famous light that inspired the Impressionists.


universités et grandes écoles normandes


You will learn with the best

Top engineering schools in a wide range of industries including construction and food, specific energy training courses, up-and-coming business schools, political science colleges plus three universities in Caen, Rouen and Le Havre: Normandy is your next stop on your student journey! Forty courses are even taught entirely in English. Now you just have to choose what you want to learn.


Etudiants dans les rues de Rouen


You will get a warm welcome!

Local ambassador clubs, support services in towns and départements: we’ll bend over backwards to help you make your move to Normandy.

Contact us and set sail for a place that’s creating a better world! We can’t wait to meet you.

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