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Divided by the Channel, bound by so much more: a new future of Anglo-Norman relations awaits.

Ever since the Norman conquest of 1066, the UK and Normandy region have been united by history. To this day, the Norman influence runs deep within British culture, from the Tower of London to British law ‐ much of it believed to have derived from Norman law and language. Even, the Queen of England retains the title of “Duc de Normandie” in the Channel Islands. And, as the recent 75th Anniversary of D-Day illustrated, the gratitude of the Norman population towards British soldiers will remain eternal.

Yet, as the UK embarks on Brexit, few things can be certain about what the future holds. However, with Normandy’s close geographic proximity, strong connectivity, four channel ports and existing economic ties with the British market, one thing remains clear: nowhere is better prepared for a post-Brexit future than Normandy. So, whether it’s to study, invest or simply visit, Normandy will forever be a welcome haven for the people of Britain.

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Boasting the stunning Bayeux Tapestry, the D-Day Landing Beaches and spectacular Mont-Saint-Michel, it's no wonder Normandy is one of the world’s most famous regions! This beautiful part of France is also home to Dieppe market, voted second best in the whole country, and Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, recently voted as France’s favourite village. Further charms include delicious food, stunning coastlines, quaint villages and architectural gems like medieval Rouen, picture-perfect Honfleur and modernist Le Havre. With Normandy being the birthplace of Impressionism and home to Monet’s iconic house and gardens at Giverny, the region’s five-month Normandy Impressionist Festival is also an excellent reason to visit in 2020. But what truly makes Normandy a must-see for UK travellers is that it's so easy to get to; by ferry from the ports of Poole, Portsmouth and Newhaven, by Eurostar and train from London via Paris and by plane with five flights a week from London Southend to Caen. normandy-tourism.org >

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The higher education links between Normandy and the UK run deep, whether you are a student or a researcher.

Collaborations between universities on both sides of the Channel have been a mainstay of the European Interreg programmes for over 20 years.

From joint research projects on chemistry to the management of resources in the Channel and a better understanding of our common history in subjects such as the Bayeux Tapestry, British and Norman researchers have strong ties in many areas.

Students from British universities study subjects as diverse as mathematics, engineering and history in Normandy ‐ with programmes available for those requiring help with improving language skills. normandie-univ.fr >

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Manche Drones Production. LM Wind Power’s 107-meters offshore wind turbine blade


Brexit presents a unique opportunity for British businesses wishing to keep close ties with the EU. In addition to assistance for relocation and expansion, the Normandy region offers British businesses tax breaks, a special economic zone, a welcome package as well as dedicated support for access to funds/incentives.

Situated at the gates of the North European market and positioned at the shores of the busiest maritime route in the world, the region enables direct access to a potential market of 200 million consumers within a 2,000 km radius.

A key industrial region of France, Normandy is renowned for its strong automotive (Renault, PSA, Volvotruck), aerospace (Snecma, Thales Aerospace, Safran), pharmaceutical (GlaxoSmithKline) and agri-food sectors, and is home to a large network of SMEs in advanced engineering, tech and digital fields. adnormandie.fr >

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Normandy World Peace Forum : 3-5 June 2020

The 3rd Normandy World Peace Forum will be held in Caen from 3rd to 5th June 2020. Diplomats, researchers, intellectuals, and artists from around the world will come to discuss education, the environment and new technologies during major plenary conferences and topical debates, on the subject of « Preventing war, responding to new threats » normandiepourlapaix.fr >

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