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Normandy is a region that is internationally minded and driven by ambition and universal values such as cooperation, audacity and sustainable development. With the help of the Normandie Attractivité Agency, our region also strives to be known as a ‘World Region’.


What do we mean by attractivité (attractiveness in English)? For us, this term comprises everything that makes our area attractive to visitors… its economy, its heritage, its landscapes, its values; not to mention its welcoming, ingenious, enthusiastic inhabitants! In short, all the elements that can make a region’s reputation successfully grow far and wide. Since its creation in 2017, Normandie Attractivité’s dual mission has been to:


  • encourage the people of Normandy to feel closer to their region and to unite as one, flying the Normandy flag featuring two lions (which symbolise our pride);
  • head out and conquer foreign lands once again (through peaceful commerce this time), sharing with the entire world what we do so well here in Normandy.


If you can relate to or share any of our passions – our strong attachment to and the pride we take in our region, sustainable development, openness to the world, cooperation and audacity – and you have a strong desire to shake things up and get involved, then welcome to Normandie Attractivité!


Read on to meet the team and feel free to send us a message!

Meet the team


Philippe AUGIER

Defender for many years of a reunified Normandy, Philippe Augier agreed to guide the Normandy attractiveness process in 2015. After leading the preparatory work, he became the first president of Normandy Attractiveness. Mayor of Deauville, president of France Congrès and, today, of PMU, Philippe Augier is well acquainted with the issues of attractiveness and territorial marketing and thus brings to the whole team and to the project his insight, his advice and his strength of persuasion.

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Michael DODDS

Passionate about France as a destination, Michael has worked in the fields of tourism and regional business development for the last 20 years, first as a consultant, then as director of the Brittany Tourist Board. Michael has been batting for the Normandy team since September 2017, when he was appointed director of Normandie Attractivité and, since April 2018, when he was appointed director of sister company, Normandy Tourism. An Anglo-Irishman who is proud of his Celtic roots, Michael is 100% dedicated to fostering Normandy’s Viking spirit and extending its influence as a World Region.

Admin department

Nathalie ROUXEL

After a Masters in Human Resources Management at Paris Dauphine University, a rich career spanning nearly 15 years in the HR function within large international companies and experience as a craftsman on her own account, Nathalie joined the team in September 2017. As HR, administrative and financial manager, she is in charge of managing the agency’s administrative, financial and HR activities.

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Mathilde DANIEL

Originally from Caen, Mathilde first turned to a professional baccalaureate before experimenting with communication in the Channel thanks to a DUT in Multimedia and Internet Professions at the IUT of Saint-Lô. A valuable training that she put at the service of two associations: La Fabrique then Yvonne Guégan before joining Normandy Attractiveness in 2019 as administrative assistant.

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Social media department


Emilie joined the team in January 2018. After a geography thesis on political mobilizations in the United States during the terms of Barack Obama, she was in charge of marketing studies at the Institute. She is now in charge of our network of Ambassadors.

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DUT in marketing techniques, Master 1 in Romania, M2 in SME management specializing in ESS at IAE Rouen… the Dieppe member of the team has always been interested in the business world. After having been an employee of a real estate management consulting firm and team leader at the Seine-Maritime Chamber of Trades, Romain joined the team in 2019 to lead the network of partners without fail.

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After a few years in Paris, Magali began her professional career in Normandy in the pharmaceutical industry. Administrative, communication, training, assistantship … strong in these skills and curious about the economic world around her, in 2009, she took advantage of her versatility to create her business providing services to VSEs, SMEs and large accounts. An entrepreneurial adventure that she completed, after 10 years, by integrating a major Normandy tourist site, before creating the first edition of the Eurois Tourism Innovation Trophies within the ADT de l’Eure in 2018, or piloting the Super Ambassadors program at the Regional Tourism Committee in 2020 … His latest challenge? Join the great ambition of Normandy Attractiveness as Head of Partnerships

Storytelling department


With a degree in literature and arts and with 7 years of experience as a press correspondent, Amélie discovered the communication sector and obtained a project manager license. After a year in freelance for local authorities and agencies in Normandy, she joined the team in January 2018 as editorial manager.

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Marie joined the team as an Image Reporter in January 2018, after 11 years of experience as an Image Reporter Journalist. She has produced reports for various local and then national television channels, as well as communication films on solidarity actions, companies and for the Normandy and Brittany Regions.

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PR and marketing department

Benjamin MORIN

A journalist by training and a native of Saint-Lô, Benjamin notably worked with Ouest-France, Liberation and Le Parisien before choosing to invest in his region. Since May 2019, this Manchois jumped to the other side of the fence to ensure the agency’s press relations with flying colors.

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Caroline ALLARD

Caroline joined the team in January 2017 after studying modern literature in Rouen and a master’s degree in Communication and Publishing Engineering in Cergy-Pontoise. Today, in charge of digital communication, she manages digital projects and passionately runs social networks and the Normandy Attractiveness website.

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Fly the flag for Normandy!

Do you love Normandy? Perhaps you have fond memories of the region or have always wanted to go on holiday here? Normandy boasts an extensive network of ‘ambassadors’, everyday people who help us promote our region both in France and abroad, and it’s thanks to these ambassadors that Normandy can proudly describe itself as open to the world! Why not join our network of ambassadors and fly the flag for Normandy wherever you are in the world?

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