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Normandy is a region that is internationally minded and driven by ambition and universal values such as cooperation, audacity and sustainable development. With the help of the Normandie Attractivité Agency, our region also strives to be known as a ‘World Region’.


What do we mean by attractivité (attractiveness in English)? For us, this term comprises everything that makes our area attractive to visitors… its economy, its heritage, its landscapes, its values; not to mention its welcoming, ingenious, enthusiastic inhabitants! In short, all the elements that can make a region’s reputation successfully grow far and wide. Since its creation in 2017, Normandie Attractivité’s dual mission has been to:


  • encourage the people of Normandy to feel closer to their region and to unite as one, flying the Normandy flag featuring two lions (which symbolise our pride);
  • head out and conquer foreign lands once again (through peaceful commerce this time), sharing with the entire world what we do so well here in Normandy.


If you can relate to or share any of our passions – our strong attachment to and the pride we take in our region, sustainable development, openness to the world, cooperation and audacity – and you have a strong desire to shake things up and get involved, then welcome to Normandie Attractivité!


Read on to meet the team and feel free to send us a message!

Meet the team


Philippe AUGIER

Brisk of manner with tousled hair, diary and telephone always to hand, it’s easy to spot our president! Philippe loves horses, oysters and the salty sea air. Is he a thoroughbred Norman? Well, he may not have been born here, but the region has become his adopted home. Settling in Deauville in the ‘90s, working for the Agence Française de Vente du Pur-sang (a French agency specialising in the sale of thoroughbreds), Philippe soon developed a passion for Normandy, even entering the political arena by campaigning for the reunification of Normandy’s two administrative regions, well before it actually happened in 2016. Rest assured, it’s not just Deauville but the whole of Normandy that he now knows like the back of his hand! Add a good dose of expertise in regional business development and you have the perfect president !

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  • #Deauville
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Michael DODDS

Passionate about France as a destination, Michael has worked in the fields of tourism and regional business development for the last 20 years, first as a consultant, then as director of the Brittany Tourist Board. Michael has been batting for the Normandy team since September 2017, when he was appointed director of Normandie Attractivité and, since April 2018, when he was appointed director of sister company, Normandy Tourism. An Anglo-Irishman who is proud of his Celtic roots, Michael is 100% dedicated to fostering Normandy’s Viking spirit and extending its influence as a World Region.

Admin department

Nathalie ROUXEL

Our bubbly office manager Nathalie loves imparting her wisdom and having a laugh! Her unusual career path includes working not just in tourism but also in HR and chocolate manufacturing… making her a delight to be around in more ways than one; not only for our team, but also for local Michelin-starred chefs! To recharge her batteries, Nathalie loves nature, art and her latest bedside book, Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. She may, however, hesitate when it comes to choosing between some Camembert, a slice of Pont-l’Evêque or a block of chocolate – they’re all so good! With her creativity, passion and love of teamwork, nothing gets in the way of Nathalie’s fight for the Normandy cause.

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  • #LaughLongHardAndOften
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Mathilde DANIEL

With her infectious laugh, cheeky side and ink-stained fingers, Mathilde is the team’s young jack-of-all-trades. Our administrative assistant is always willing to help her colleagues with typesetting and desktop publishing tasks. Keen to chip in, this fan of tea and films enjoys winding up her colleagues too… even to the point of hiding among the office boxes! Mad about comics and the silver screen, two passions that cross the generations, Mathilde has a great knack for finding something to bond over with everyone!

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Social media department


Moving between Obama voters to Normandy ambassadors – a network she oversees so well – doesn’t involve that big a leap, even though there can be many hours of flying involved for someone who’s afraid of heights! Passionate about Calvados – both the apple brandy and the Normandy département – Emilie is never afraid of going the extra mile to put together a successful social event or of asking crucial questions to clarify a situation! Hailing from the Normandy capital of Rouen (and very proud of it), energetic Emilie knows her mind and isn’t afraid to speak it, and has been known to practise her persuasive speaking skills on colleagues to convince them of how brilliant her ideas are!

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Originally from Dieppe in the Seine-Maritime département, Romain is all about relationship-building, whether it’s on the football pitch, when rock-climbing or in the office. Although he sometimes struggles at the start of the week, with a tendency to forget keys, telephone, cards and even his pin, his occasional slip-ups provide the team with much amusement and light relief! Here’s an interesting fact about Romain; he has a particular fascination with Normandy’s Tancarville Bridge, which crosses the River Seine between Rouen and Le Havre (and, incidentally, gave its name to the French word for a folding clothes drier) and he has a great sense of direction… well, provided his SatNav is charged!

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Storytelling department


Amélie’s name begins the same way as the word ‘amorous’, which is appropriate. She loves words and meeting people. Her sensitivity and curiosity – sparked by everything around her, from detective novels to the latest interviews – have given her a taste for solving mysteries. From journalism to detective work isn’t such a big leap… although this doesn’t apply when it comes to finding an object she’s mislaid, which happens regularly! Amélie claims she lives in organised chaos when you see the state of her desk or her Mary Poppins-style bags, filled with pens, which she needs of course to share her world of words. Don’t turn a page too loudly within earshot of her when she’s writing, or you’ll make her jump!

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Originally from Brittany (well, nobody’s perfect!), Marie is now putting her immense talents to work for Normandy. Equipped with her video camera, tripod, bag and notebook, you’ll often see Marie loaded down with kit, for her particular skills include producing videos, often at very short notice, that feature unique animation and are full of poetry and sensitivity. Even on the occasions that Marie comes in wearing glasses the morning after a late night on the town, she is always on the ball, frequently coming up with refreshingly spontaneous ideas. Quick to praise others, she challenges them too, by regularly encouraging them to come on exhausting runs with her!

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  • #ChocolateOrCheeseOrBoth
  • #BretonAndNorman

PR and marketing department

Benjamin MORIN

Formerly a journalist, Benjamin has now switched to the other side and now heads up Normandie Attractivité’s PR and marketing department with great aplomb. His great love of things beginning with B, including baseball, BD (French for cartoons), bricolage (French for DIY), biking and beans, is matched by his dedication to spreading the word about our region. Originally from the Normandy département of Manche, Benjamin spent some time working in Finistère in neighbouring Brittany, but even then managed to get Bretons to come and holiday across the border in Normandy! Permanently on a coffee drip (which must have helped Brazil’s GDP jump by at least 0.2%!), Benjamin is great at fostering team spirit and having a laugh over a cup (of coffee).

  • #LovesTheLetterB
  • #Baseball
  • #Coffee
  • #BD
  • #bricolage
Caroline ALLARD

It’s always buzzing in the press and marketing department, where the team’s ray of sunshine Caroline sings musical hellos and even makes curious noises when she’s concentrating! Mad about dogs (especially her own) with an insatiable appetite, she loves anything sweet and going to festivals. While out of the office, Caroline prefers to be thought of as a bon vivant (something who lives life to the full) rather than a party animal, in the office she is our resident Goddess Vishnu, for how else would she be able to manage social media, the website and liaising with different service providers without multiple hands?

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Working for Normandie Attractivité as part of a two-year contract, Antoine has had no end of tasks to get on with since joining the team, and has been given the important responsibility of setting up and running our e-shop. At present, he’s exercising the wisdom of the lion, biding his time, and is in a prime position to listen in on his colleagues’ chitchat, which he discreetly consumes. Antoine is sometimes thought of as Romain’s little brother, for even though they don’t share the same DNA, they share a tendency to lose their keys and a sense of direction that leaves a lot to be desired!

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Fly the flag for Normandy!

Do you love Normandy? Perhaps you have fond memories of the region or have always wanted to go on holiday here? Normandy boasts an extensive network of ‘ambassadors’, everyday people who help us promote our region both in France and abroad, and it’s thanks to these ambassadors that Normandy can proudly describe itself as open to the world! Why not join our network of ambassadors and fly the flag for Normandy wherever you are in the world?

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