Normandy has a major challenge to overcome: attracting young workers. Countless vacancies, changes in the industry, promoting higher education and places to live, healthcare appeal, relations with the UK and Ireland: find out more about Normandie Attractivité’s focal points and its projects.

Normandie Attractivité’s focal points

Members of the agency have been given several focal points to work on until 2027 to stop young people leaving the area and try to attract them here. They include the area’s economic image, places to live and healthcare appeal, higher education, relations with the UK and Ireland plus a network of ambassadors and partners. Let’s find out more!

Attracting young talent and persuading young Normans to stay or come back to the area is absolutely vital to our strategy to offset the population trend.

Vianney de Chalus, Normandie Attractivité President

Economic image: important trades for the future

Normandy may be renowned for its quality of life and food and drink, but its exciting economy is less famous. However, with unemployment below the national average and a plethora of manufacturing projects focusing on decarbonisation, Normandy is the perfect place to reinvent yourself. Professional careers, eco-friendly businesses, a thriving ecosystem… Normandy is a pioneering region putting its heart and soul into a decarbonised economy. The perfect work-life balance: a career that makes a difference and a great place to live.

Eductour presse & influenceurs pour la Glass Vallée en Normandie

What's in the pipeline?

  • Getting partners behind a decarbonised economy in partnership with AD Normandie, NEODD 2030, Agence Régionale de l’Orientation et des Métiers de Normandie, MEDEF, Club des ETI  and businesses
  • Storytelling about future-forward companies and trades and promotion on social media
  • Media fam trips for press and influencers
  • Job dating and networking events with companies, “attractivité” agencies in Normandy and grandes écoles
  • Content coordination for the Emploi Normandie platform
Escalier_vers_la_plage_de_Sotteville-sur-Mer_-_French_Wanderers-Normandie Tourisme

Medium-sized towns: quality of life that needs no introduction

One of Normandy’s biggest assets is its diversity with several medium-sized towns bursting with personality alongside cities such as Caen, Rouen and Le Havre.

The agency firmly believes that these towns are a viable alternative for people who want to offset the hectic pace of city life, so it has set up a network to support them with information about services and facilities in town with specific pages and testimonials from new residents.

One of our main targets will be healthcare professionals so everyone in Normandy can get treatment fast!

Vire Normandie©Sacha Soffer-Calvados Attractivite
Sacha Soffer – Calvados Attractivité

What's in the pipeline?

  • Network coordination and resource provision
  • Specific pages on
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Methodological support launching local ambassador clubs and designing welcome services

Higher education: the student high life

The region is full of engineering, industry, energy, digital, business, management and hospitality schools and colleges welcoming students from Normandy and further afield.

From HND to PHD, bachelor to master’s degrees, university courses to apprenticeships, Normandy has lots of training options which can be low on the uptake despite being so high standard!

Trois étudiants devant l'Université du Havre

What's in the pipeline?

  • Coordination of a collective marketing work group
  • Identification and promotion of courses taught entirely in English
  • Promotion of apprenticeships available at innovative Normandy companies with Agence Régionale de l’Orientation et des Métiers de Normandie

Normandy, So British, So Irish

Normandy is so welcoming! One focal point will explore the historical, economic, scientific, educational and cultural ties with post-Brexit Britain and Ireland to promote the area overseas and highlight how close the countries are in reality.

What’s the idea? Long term, turn Normandy into the biggest English-speaking region in France.

Dillan Le Prevost

What's in the pipeline?

  • Get international partners behind The Year of the Normans to mark the 1,000th anniversary of William’s birth in 2027
  • Relations with both embassies to use Normandy as a post-Brexit field experiment
  • Identification and promotion of apprenticeships for young workers in Normandy, Ireland and Great Britain

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