Whether they instantly felt at home, had an opportunity they couldn’t miss out on, wanted to change their life, career or met someone special; whether they thought long and hard about it or just went for it; whatever the how or why, there’s often an exciting story behind their move to Normandy. Read what adopted Normans have to say about their new lives in the region!

Lara Norris, from London

Lara Norris left London with her husband to settle in Normandy. It was a long held dream since the age of eleven! The move to Normandy has been a very positive lifestyle change and, in reality, it was much easier than they thought. For Lara and her husband, Normandy quite simply offers a better quality of life. Lara has just one regret : “that I didn’t do it when my children were younger”.

Eleri Maitland, from Wales

Eleri Maitland is Welsh and she decided to move to Normandy, with her husband, in 1992. They created a successful French Language school in Rouen. She lives in the countryside but close to the city, the perfect combination for a great work/life balance. For Eleri, the “Normandy life style” is difficult to beat.

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