Welcome to your next adventure! You’ve decided to live in Normandy and want to have all the useful information for your settlement? Choosing your future place of residence, finding accommodation, getting around to enjoy the cultural life and make new connections, the answers to your questions are here!

Accommodation in Normandy

Marie-Anais Thierry / CRT Normandie
Villequier_ Seine-maritime

A house with or without a garden or an apartment in the town centre? Finding the right home for you and your family can be a headache, so here are a few pointers to get you started. Whether it’s an investment or a rental, use the property guide to help you find your new pad!

As a guide, property prices in Normandy are 5 times cheaper than in Paris. If you want to buy property in town, the average price per m2 is 3069€ in Caen, 2723€ in Rouen and 2194€ in Le Havre.

Price grid Average house prices in Normandy

IN TOWN: 2939 €/m2

IN THE COUNTRY: 1541 €/m2

AT THE SEASIDE: 3247 €/m2

Transport in Normandy

There are several transport options in the region, making it easy and convenient to live and travel in Normandy. Public transport networks, car pooling, bike paths and railway services connect Normandy towns with neighbouring regions such as Île-de-France and Paris. The train journey from Paris to Caen takes 2 hours and you can get from Paris to Rouen in just 1 hr 20. You can also get to Le Havre in 2 hr 10 or Evreux in 1 hour.

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  • Railway services (SNCF)
  • Main roads (national and regional)
  • Public transport (Nomad, Twisto)
  • Bike paths (ring road for cyclists)

Cultural life in Normandy

Living in Normandy means soaking up the region’s exciting and diverse cultural life. Museums, art galleries, theatres, live music venues and cultural events bring Normandy to life all year round. What’s on your cultural agenda? Take part in workshops, go to buzzing festivals and uncover new artists! 

Sports, leisure and community life

You can really enjoy your free time when you live in Normandy! How about trying a new sport? Sailing, horse riding, hiking, canoeing, cycling… There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a fitness fan or save your Sundays for sports. 

The region is packed with visitor sites, historical landmarks and countless leisure activities to spend quality time with friends or family: play areas, parks, escape games, laser quest, leisure centres, clubs and associations… Embrace life in Normandy!

Do you want to get involved in a community or meet new people? Join a club in Normandy. It’s easy and affordable! Whether it be social, sporty, cultural, environmental, international or responsible, there are up to 50,000 associations or clubs throughout the region (Source: CRESS Normandie).

They chose to live in Normandy

They took the plunge and moved to Normandy. Let’s hear what they have to say. Being part of a new region, experiencing a new lifestyle, applying for new jobs and making new friends… Now there’s a challenge! Mingling with the locals, getting involved in community events, joining clubs and being part of your new home’s social and economic life are all within your grasp; check out our adopted Normans’ tips and experiences.

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Services and administration

In terms of administration, a move here involves lots of red tape. The public services and local authority are here to help. They can help you with everything involved in your move: property, healthcare, education, employment, financial support and more. Whether you’re moving to France for the first time, or moving to Normandy from elsewhere in the country, each area tends to have a service to support you.

Masterclass Quality of life in Normandy, live at Château du Breuil

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