Upcoming recruitment spree, industrial revival, the challenge of energy transition, ambitious projects, high-performing companies, innovative start-ups… With an economy focused on reducing carbon emissions, Normandy is a vibrant region that deserves to shine, letting everybody in on the secret! Join us to discover the area’s shared ambition for a better world.

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Could Normandy be a strategic region for the country’s economic and ecological future?

Normandie Attractivité, the agency responsible for promoting the region, is convinced that showcasing its economic opportunities alongside the quality of life it offers is key to attracting and retaining young professionals. Therefore, the agency is eager to continue its work in highlighting this desirable blend of economic prospects and work-life balance. 

These two key areas form the basis of a rebranding strategy for the region, best summed up by the following message: “Choose Normandy, for a better world”.

The strategy aims to encourage commitment from the driving forces in Normandy, to demonstrate and champion the fact that Normandy is planning for the future and building a brighter tomorrow for young people. This will be achieved through a low-carbon economy, meaningful and motivating careers, a better living environment and a better work-life balance.


The world is transforming, and in the face of climate change, the transition to renewable energy has become the major challenge of our time. This is why we need we need to reassess our social and economic models.


The whole of Normandy has come together with the ambition of creating a more responsible, low-carbon economy, and a region that is sustainable, appealing and rewarding for all its inhabitants. A region that aims to be a trailblazer in these exciting developments, and to unite people through its ambitions.


  • Through the strength of its energy mix: nuclear, hydrogen, offshore wind, solar power, biomethanation, etc.;
  • Through its varied, thriving range of economic sectors, which build Normandy’s reputation for excellence;
  • By supporting innovative, large-scale manufacturing projects, particularly in the fields of recycling and material transformation;
  • Through its ecosystem of successful businesses, which encourages mutual support and cooperation between professional networks, research centres and training programmes;
  • By building on the values upheld by Normandy companies who are committed to social and environmental change, and united behind the goal of a low-carbon economy;
  • Through its unspoilt living environment, which boasts all the advantages of towns on a human scale, as well as the countryside, a pleasant climate and proximity to the sea…

With its innovative approach to reducing carbon emissions and the energy transition, the quality of life in its towns and cities, the strength of its energy mix, its promising professions and the social responsibility of its businesses, it is the combination of all these factors that makes Normandy such an attractive place to live.

By combining opportunities for new career prospects with a meaningful lifestyle, Normandy has a strong advantage in attracting new generations in search of purpose and peace of mind. 

Our goal is to show and demonstrate that Normandy is committed to a brighter future: this is the foundation of our shared ambition, to be upheld in years to come.


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