Does Normandy simply conjure images of a far-off French region for you? Perhaps faint recollections from history lessons or distant documentaries? Discover five vibrant territories, with direct access to Paris, UK or Irland, renowned sectors of excellence, forward-thinking values, and aspirations – in essence, we’re showcasing that right here, there’s all you need for a transformative life change!

Hervé Morin, Region Normandie President

Exploring all aspects of Normandy

Already smitten? Whether for a weekend jaunt or a lifelong commitment, here are some key insights to streamline your plans. From settling down, working, starting a business, to exploring and studying… follow our guide!

Normandy’s ambitions for the future

Normandy serves as a contemporary hub for innovations and pivotal decisions, pivotal in a world undergoing profound transitions. With its global outlook and resolute commitment to the future, its aspirations eagerly anticipate your involvement.

Industries of excellence

Aerospace, energy, chemistry, logistics, agri-food, living heritage enterprises, services, crafts, and the thriving equine sector: Normandy’s economic fabric offers diverse opportunities for change and frequent recruitment. Let us introduce you to them.

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