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Equipe-Normandie Attractivite



Vianney de Chalus

Vianney de Chalus took over from Philippe Augier as president in January 2022.

The entrepreneur from Le Havre studied at HEC business school in Paris and wanted to use his experience, professional background and knowledge of Normandy’s economic fabric for the good of his region and Normandie Attractivité, where he was the secretary.

He is the former president of the Le Havre then Normandy CCIs (chambers of commerce) and managed UBIFRANCE (French agency for export promotion) for a long time. Vianney de Chalus set himself the goal of ramping up Normandy’s appeal and giving it a reputation as an exciting region for business.


Michael Dodds
Managing Director

Michael is passionate about France as a destination and has over 20 years’ experience working in tourism and regional marketing as a consultant and Brittany Tourist Board director.

He has flown the flag for Normandy as the director of Normandie Attractivité since September 2017.

He was made director of the Normandy Tourist Board in April 2018.

The English-Irishman is proud of his Celtic roots and devoted to championing Normandy’s Viking spirit and promoting it as an International Region.


Nathalie Rouxel
Head of HR, administration and finance

Nathalie joined the team in September 2017 after a Master’s in HR Management at Université Paris Dauphine, almost 15 years working in HR at major international companies and experience as a freelancer. She is in charge of the agency’s administration, finance and HR departments.

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Sarah Brune
Administrative assistant

Sarah has a Master’s in hospitality and tourism management from Eshotel Paris and has worked in hotel reception, international transport and as a production assistant at a Normandy media outlet. She hails from Caen, loves her region and joined Normandie Attractivité as an administrative assignment in December 2021.

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Networks department


Emilie Bonnet
Networks department manager

After a thesis on political mobilisation in the US during Barack Obama’s term and a market research role at an institute, Emilie joined the team in January 2018 as head of the ambassadors’ network. She is now the networks department manager (ambassadors and partners) and strives to bring Normandy to the world’s attention!

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Agnès Clowez
Ambassadors’ network organisation manager

Agnès has a Master’s in information and communication and began her career in the world of media, publishing and teach. She worked on digital and events projects at an agency. She was head of PR and social media at the Les Echos-Le Parisien group for five years. She has a passion for her region and joined Normandie Attractivité to organise and bring together the network of ambassadors in France and abroad.

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Benjamin Duprey
Communication manager

After years as a regional management apprentice at La Poste and SNCF, Benjamin specialised in regional marketing at the end of his sandwich course. He hails from Caen, wrote a dissertation about the sense of belonging in Normandy and co-founded a company promoting Norman produce, so it’s only natural that he should join the team as communication manager in 2021.

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Magali Leblond, responsable des partenariats.

Magali Leblond
Partnership manager

Magali spent a few years in Paris before taking her career to Normandy working in R&D in the pharmaceuticals industry. She has experience in administration, communication, events and training and is fascinated by the business world around her. She drew on her many skills to set up her own company for SMEs and key accounts. She brought her entrepreneurial journey full circle after 10 years when she joined a major Normandy visitor attraction. She went onto launch the first Trophées de l’Innovation du Tourisme Eurois (Eure Tourism Innovation Awards) at Eure ADT in 2018 and oversaw the Super Ambassadors initiative at Normandy Tourist Board in 2020.

What’s her latest challenge? Getting on board Normandie Attractivité’s vision to build the Normandy brand and its network of partners as partnership manager!

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Théo Pérouze
Networks Department Apprentice Assistant

Théo joined the agency as an apprentice assistant in the networks department. His passion lies in communication, its tools and everything it involves. He comes from Calvados and wants to bring his beloved homeland to the world’s attention with high energy, a zest for life and a smile on his face!

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Storytelling Department


Amélie Heurtaux
Editorial and PR Manager

Amélie has a degree in art and literature and 7 years of experience as a press correspondent. She dived into the communication industry and graduated as a project manager. She spent a year freelancing for councils and agencies in Normandy before joining the team in January 2018 as editorial manager.

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Léo Lemasson

Léo spent three years studying at a film college in the Paris area before working at an agency, freelancing then working at a local authority. He has an appetite for new experiences and knowledge, so he joined the Normandie Attractivité team as a photojournalist in February 2022. The proud 25 year old Norman works hard to champion the image of Normandy and be part of building its identity.

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Digital Marketing Department

Lucie Quignon
Digital Marketing Manager

She knows LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook inside out. With her keyboard at her fingertips and her mobile in her hand, Lucie brings Normandy to life on the internet and social media. The manager from Caen joined the team in February 2022 after spending 11 great years working for its counterpart in Calvados.

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Anaïs Connan
Digital Marketing Apprentice Assistant

Anaïs joined the team as a Digital Marketing Apprentice Assistant in June 2023. She spent years involved in tourism and is now exploring her skillset, education and knowledge in boosting the region’s appeal. Anaïs comes from Orne, loves travelling and wants to showcase the Normandy area with good energy and good vibes!

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Events Department


Olivier Berthelot
Events Manager

After just under 30 years working as head of communication and regional delegate at the Renault Group, plus three years as a consultant and trainer in communication, marketing and management, Olivier wanted to begin a new chapter in his career and joined Normandie Attractivité as events manager. His knowledge of Normandy’s economic and industrial fabric, combined with his in-depth understanding of brand image and management issues, help his ambitious team achieve their goals for the area.

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