It ranks as one of the top 3 towns in the Seine-Maritime region to live in. Fécamp is a delightful port and seaside town, just 40 km from Rouen and 2.5 hours from Paris. Appreciated for its authentic character and relaxed, friendly atmosphere, the town is proud of its historic heritage while looking forward to the future. Ready for a new life by the sea?

A few key facts about Fécamp

  • 2.5 hours from Paris by train
  • 40 minutes from Le Havre and Rouen
  • 300 local shops and services
  • 230 community associations
  • Ranked 21st best place to live in France (towns of fewer than 20,000 inhabitants)

Top 5 reasons to move to Fécamp


For the fresh sea air

With the port and the pebble beach, the cliffs of the Côte d’Albâtre and the many water sports activities: here, the sea is an integral part of the inhabitants’ lives.


Living in stunning surroundings

Recognised for its art and history, Fécamp boasts remarkable architectural and cultural heritage, surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery.


A green city!

The town of Fécamp is committed to energy transition, including the development of renewable energy. It is home to Normandy’s largest offshore wind farm (the 3rd largest in France).

And as part of its “Grand Site de France” label, it is also committed to sustainable tourism development.


A lively town with everything you could need

With a population of 18,000, Fécamp has the whole family’s needs covered (schools, leisure facilities, shops, health, transport, etc.). It also boasts a busy programme of events.


The town is affordable

Housing in and around Fécamp is reasonably priced, with a median rent of €11.55/m² and an average purchase price of around €2,100/m².

Moving to Fécamp: you won’t be fending for yourself!

Fécamp, Normandy

So, it’s decided – Fécamp is going to be your new home. A warm welcome awaits! Several services are available to help you get your bearings.

Fécamp, Normandy

What not to miss in Fécamp

Natural attractions, viewpoints, museums and historical treasures… Whether you’re exploring on foot, by bike or by boat, just enjoy the ride!

Cap Fagnet and the Côte de la Vierge (Notre-Dame de Salut chapel)

At 110 metres above sea level and accessible by stairs, the highest point on the Côte d’Albâtre offers an unrivalled panorama of the cliffs of Étretat, all the way to the beaches of Saint-Pierre-en-Port.

The "valleuses" valleys

Typical of the Pays de Caux area, these hilltop valleys lead down to small, secluded beaches. They’re a little slice of paradise! Close to Fécamp, the Valleuses in Etigues, Vaucottes, Yport and Senneville-sur-Fécamp are not to be missed.
Fécamp also has a pebble beach, with lifeguards present all year round.

And also…

Les Pêcheries Museum in Fécamp

In an innovative exhibition, discover the history of the Terre-Neuvas fishermen and their town in a former fish-drying factory. Head to the Grand Quai to experience it for yourself.

The Palais Bénédictine

Visit this architectural gem, where production of a world-famous liqueur–Benedictine–takes place.

The town’s medieval monuments
The Gothic Abbey of the Holy Trinity, founded by the Dukes of Normandy, is surprisingly bright and airy. It also contains an outstanding astronomical tidal clock, dating from 1667. Just a stone’s throw away, the remains of the Ducal Palace and the town walls are further evidence of the town’s medieval history.

The top sectors recruiting in Fécamp


With 900 businesses and more than 300 shops and service providers, the economy in Fécamp is buoyant.

Looking for a job in Fécamp? Visit the Bureau municipal de l’emploi (Municipal Employment Office). You’ll find a wide range of offers in all sectors, as well as assistance with applications.

A number of recognised sectors of excellence are present in Fécamp

Renewable energy

Normandy’s very first offshore wind farm, at Fécamp, will be operational in 2024.

Food industry

The area is home to a number of leading companies, including Olvea (vegetable oils), Delpierre (seafood products), Traiteur de Paris ( luxury frozen foods), Sepoa-Delgove, Praninter, la Criée de Fécamp, amongst others.


A historic activity carried out by a fleet of 34 vessels based in the port of Fécamp. The fishing industry has given rise to several other sectors, such as sales and processing of seafood products, shipbuilding and ship repairs.


Fécamp and Yport’s seaside resorts attract visitors from the world over. The local hotel and restaurant industry recruits new staff all year round.

Health & personal care

The region has a hospital, several health centres and a specialist laboratory (Delin). New doctors and specialists are encouraged to settle here.

Growing, learning and studying in Fécamp

The area has 8 crèches and nursery nurseries, 5 nursery schools, 6 elementary schools, 4 secondary schools and three high schools. The latter also offer training leading to qualifications, in line with the needs of local businesses (renewable energies, naval and maritime activities, health, etc.).

Fécamp, Normandy

Academic establishments in Fécamp

Lycée Général et Technologique Maupassant (approved as a “Trades and Qualifications Campus, specialising in energy and energy efficiency”)

Lycée Professionnel Descartes (BTS MCO – Commercial Operations Management; BTS CCST – Consulting and Marketing of Technical Solutions; BTS MS SP – Systems Maintenance – Production Systems option; BTS MS SE – Systems Maintenance – Wind Energy Systems option)

Lycée Maritime Anita Conti (BTS MASEN – Maintenance of electro-naval systems)

IFSI – IFAS (nursing and care assistant training)


GRETA of Le Havre, Fécamp branch

CLIPS Formation

Fodeno (Fécamp branch)

What’s on in Fécamp

  • Fécamp Grand’Escale
    A huge community festival, launched in 2022, with a five-day programme of boat rallies, tours, exhibitions, entertainment, food and drink tastings, music and shows. All the different maritime heritage vessels are invited and represented, from dinghies to sailing ships, from workboats to classic leisure yachts.
  • The Herring Festival
    This unmissable event in the town brings together the supporters of our maritime heritage, local groups and all the inhabitants of Fécamp to share a moment of celebration. On the menu: sales of seafood, local fish and local produce, a village of community group stands, barbecues and more.

Useful information in Fécamp

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