Moving to Seine-Maritime means starting a new chapter in the perfect département, just one hour from Paris and the Côte d’Albâtre beaches in Normandy. Education, employment, property and leisure… Thrive in an outstanding setting with all the facilities you could wish for.

The town, sea and countryside

  • 140km of cliffs
  • 26 beaches
  • 55,700ha of woodland
  • 13 train stations

Top 5 reasons to move and live in Seine-Maritime

Falaises_de_la_Cote_d_Albatre seine-maritime
Valentin Pacaut The Explorers / CRT Normandie


A relaxing and inspiring place to be

Feast your eyes on breathtaking scenery from the top of the Côte d’Albâtre cliffs and all along the Seine.

Coraline et Leo / CRT Normandie


Golden career opportunities

Seine-Maritime has a very diverse economy making it a prime location to find work, progress in your career or set up your business.

Villequier_ Seine-maritime
Marie-Anais Thierry / CRT Normandie


Affordable property

Make your home owner dream come true with average house prices at 1900 €/m2 (5 times less than Paris).

Randonnee_sur_le_GR21__sur_les_hauteurs_de_Fecamp seine-maritime
Thomas Le Floc H / CRT Normandie


A département with good transport links

You don’t have to have a car in Seine-Maritime. There are lots of alternative forms of travel including bike paths, greenways, buses, subways, trains and car pooling.

balade_a_cheval_au_coucher_du_soleil_a_Etretat__vue_sur_les_falaises seine-maritime
Thomas Le Floc’H / CRT Normandie


New hobbies

There’s so much to do in Seine-Maritime: go sailing, cheer on the ice hockey team at Le Kindarena in Rouen, learn to cook like a local and more.

Move to Seine-Maritime with peace of mind: we’re here to help!

You can’t wait to move to one of the best French départements to live in but you still have lots of questions before you pack your bags. How do you find a place to live, job or school? The local authorities are here to help you with your personal and career plans.

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What not to miss in Seine-Maritime

Whether it be scenery or architecture, Seine-Maritime is big and bold. Prepare to be blown away.

Marie-Anais Thierry / CRT Normandie


Normandy’s historical capital is packed with gems from the past and present.

Marie-Anais Thierry / CRT Normandie

Le Havre

Le Havre is famous for its huge port and home to a beautiful town centre listed as UNESCO World Heritage.

Valentin Pacaut The Explorers / CRT Normandie

Falaises d’Étretat

The cliffs are among the most breathtaking landscapes in Normandy and set the scene for Arsène Lupin’s legendary exploits.

Jumièges Abbey and its English landscaped grounds
Victor Hugo called it “the most beautiful ruin in France.”

La Seine à Vélo

Bike path from Rouen to the sea along the Seine and its stunning scenery.

Les Boucles de la Seine Regional Nature Park
A 180km trail exploring the settings that inspired the Impressionists.

The very first sea resort in France hosts one of the world’s biggest kite festivals every two years.

Palais des Bénédictines in Fécamp
An architectural masterpiece where they make a spirit that’s exported around the world.

Pont de Normandie and Pont de Tancarville

Two impressive bridges.

Abbaye_de_Jumieges_au_printemps seine-maritime

Work in Seine-Maritime, job opportunities galore

The département is full of thriving businesses and talented companies in several sectors with a bright future. Finding work in Seine-Maritime, taking your career to the next level or expanding your business is well within your reach.

The top sectors and companies recruiting in Seine-Maritime

Maritime and port industry

Seine-Maritime is home to two world-leading ports: Le Havre, France’s biggest container port and Rouen, the biggest grain port in Western Europe. Fishing for herring and shellfish is also big business along the Côte d’Albâtre.


This major Seine-Maritime industry covers renewable marine energy, nuclear, hydrogen and two offshore wind farms (under construction). 


La Glass Vallée in the Bresle Valley accounts for up to 70% of global production of premium glass bottles for fragrances, medicine and spirits.


Seine-Maritime sets the stage for major car factories such as Renault Cléon (making electric cars), Renault Sandouville and Alpine in Dieppe.


There are some key aeronautics facilities in Seine-Maritime (Thalès, Zodiac, Revima) and several laboratories in Le Havre and Rouen.


Seine-Maritime is the 12th biggest farming département. It breeds cattle, crops and is the biggest linen producer in France.


As a popular weekend, short break and business travel destination, Seine-Martime has a strong identity in the tourism industry. The sector accounts for 7% of the département’s GDP.

Pharmaceuticals, healthcare, biotechnology, chemistry

The big names in medicine and vaccines call Seine-Maritime home (Aspen, Oril, Sanofi etc.). There’s also a major health centre in Rouen.


Seine-Maritime has an exciting ecosystem with the Normandie Web Xpert (NWX) group of entrepreneurs, business incubators and two FrenchTech branches in Rouen and Le Havre.

Did you know?
If you’re a freelancer or remote worker, there are fifty-odd co-working offices all over Seine-Maritime.

Study in Seine-Maritime for a brighter future

Every year up to 60,000 students from all over France and abroad come to Seine-Maritime to make their future bright. Aside from its two universities (Rouen and Le Havre) and renowned grandes écoles, the biggest département in Normandy is popular for its outstanding quality of life.

Seine-Maritime is home to over 150 public and private higher education facilities with a whole host of courses and degrees to choose from.

What’s on in Seine-Maritime


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