The industrial start-up NEOLITIK won the design award at the Normandy Economy Awards and is revolutionising the world of construction. What sets it apart? An innovative alternative to concrete and stone called EcoLithe designed for eco-friendly building sites.

From Paris to Fécamp

Thirty-something Marc Dib left Île-de-France for Seine-Maritime in 2022. Why? To set up his facility for NEOLITIK, his start-up with an innovative concept to protect resources in the building sector. Marc Dib got to work exploring his project after falling in love with Fécamp (where he moved to) and Saint-Léonard (where he bought premises with the help of AD Normandie). Let’s take a look at an idea that takes care of the planet!

I spent five years sailing and everywhere I went I saw plastic pollution. I picked up litter on beaches, in villages and nature parks but I was just moving the problem around: where do these bags of waste actually end up?

Marc Dib was determined to find a solution to help and fine-tuned his idea. “We needed to find away to remove any plastic people had worked so hard to collect from circulation, we needed something more tangible, something that would make a difference,” says the adopted Norman.

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An innovative, sustainable and low-carbon material

After a year working in food, the ESSEC graduate began working full-time on designing EcoLithe in 2021 in Val d’Oise. EcoLithe is a new material made from recycled plastic and mineral aggregate. “Plastic is light, strong and durable… too durable. So I decided to use its physical properties,” the entrepreneur explains.

What’s the idea? Make a solid slab that’s durable, shock-resistant, friction-resistant, naturally anti-slip and weather-resistant from recycled materials.

EcoLithe is a mineral and polymer hybrid that saves 85% CO2 compared to making concrete and is twice as strong. The slabs are now made in Seine-Maritime and capture the circular economy in the construction industry.

It contains 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. We make a point of sourcing our materials locally.

Promoting the circular economy

Who are its clients? Construction businesses such as building companies and building material suppliers who want to help make the world more sustainable and reduce any negative impact. The start-up makes almost 500m2 of slabs every month and recycles up to a ton of raw materials every day.

Our innovation involves rethinking how we recycle end-of-life waste. Unlike regular recycling that processes materials individually (not mixing materials up), we combine crushed concrete with plastic to make products that get the best out of their respective properties.

“Our aim is to double then triple production and launch other products.” There’s no doubt that the award they won at the Normandy Economy Awards in 2023 will help them with that. The aggregates and plastics it reuses make NEOLITIK part of Normandy’s campaign for circular economy and positive impact.

Did you know?

What’s EcoLithe? A 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, low-carbon material that doesn’t require any water to make it.

It’s 2-3 times lighter than concrete or stone slabs, 2 times stronger and very easy to look after. Look out for it in urban areas, streets, roads, terraces, rooftops and more.

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