October 20th sees Normandy put the spotlight on one of its icons for #WorldCalvadosDay. Normandy’s ambassador’s clubs join forces with distilleries to celebrate the special day all over the world.

Norman expats and their friends get together in bars, restaurants or at home to share their love for Calvados wherever they are, be it New York, London, Shanghai, Dakar or Tokyo.

October 20th in a nod to harvest season

Avallen and the Difford’s Guide launched the special day in 2021 on a date when harvest season in the orchards is in full swing. Normandie Attractivité, the agency promoting Normandy, and the IDAC (French interprofessional association of cider-based designations uniting distilleries) have pooled their resources to make the world day even bigger.

Celebrating Calvados around the world

Over pre-dinner drinks, at a restaurant, in a private bar or at home: October 20th is a day when people come together to celebrate Normandy and its signature drink. Normandie Attractivité has twenty Normandy clubs worldwide and gets its expats involved in hosting the event in their adopted countries. View all the international events and their Norman organisers here!

A modern and genuine product

Calvados was given the AOC designation (controlled designation of origin) in 1942 and is one of the most famous spirits in the world. It’s made from cider and perry distilled using around 300 varieties of apple grown in Normandy’s orchards. It has been a roaring international success for years following a new lease of life. Modern cocktails, game-changing recipes and sustainable producers often put Normandy and its iconic tipple at the top of the international spirits tables.


Want to find out more?

Visit the IDAC website (French interprofessional association of cider-based designations)

Normans home and away: we’ll see you at the next World Calvados Day!

If you’d like to get involved in the next event, please email Agnès – [email protected]

The Normandy Ambassadors network now has twenty clubs with a thousand members who either hail from Normandy or love the region.

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