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When you think of Normandy, does the image of a distant French region spring to mind? Some vague memories of history lessons maybe?


Then follow us, we are going to introduce you to this unique part of France!


Normandy is a French region located in north-western France and bordered by the English Channel. With two seafronts – north and west – it has the busiest shipping lane in the world. Located near two world-class cities, Paris and London, Normandy also boasts five ports and five international airports.


With five ‘départements’ (the Orne, the Manche, Seine-Maritime, the Eure and Calvados), and three large cities that are Caen, Rouen and Le Havre, the region offers many getaway opportunities and a remarkable quality of life whether in an urban environment, near the coast or in the heart of the lush countryside.


Now let’s take a look at the history of the region, beginning with the arrival of the Vikings and their attachment to the fertile lands of the Seine Valley. Let’s move on to a certain William the Conqueror whose great ambitions – and in particular the conquest of England – have had an enduring impact on Anglo-Norman relations. Even today, our English cousins ​​and friends still have a little something Norman about them, from their governance system to everyday expressions!

The taste of conquest and the daring character of the Normans also left architectural traces in Italy and most notably across Sicily. Norman inspiration, beyond architecture, has spread in literature through world-famous authors – Corneille, Gustave Flaubert and Alphonse Allais to name a few – but also in painting! It was, for example, in Le Havre that Claude Monet painted Impression, Sunrise in 1872, thus giving its name to the famous Impressionist movement.

Givenrny ©Julien Hélie / Normandie Attractivité

Land of conquests, of course, but also land of liberty! How can we forget that it was on the beaches of Normandy that the liberation of Europe began? The legacy of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy lives on in the freedoms we enjoy today, and remembrance is celebrated annually through major events and the Normandy World Peace Forum.


Normandy, a reference in world history? Indeed, but what you might not know is that the region still is…


Beyond its natural and timeless assets, Normandy has also established itself as a major centre for innovation. Health, risk management, digital, sustainable development, research, protection… Our region is buzzing with creative minds, researchers, entrepreneurs, individuals and cutting-edge equipment, thanks to which many impactful ideas are revolutionising everyday life on a global scale.



On the health front, take Professor Alain Cribier for instance, the man behind the birth of aortic valve replacement by simple cardiac catheterisation. We can also mention the high-performance simulation platform of the Medical training centre in Rouen that trains practitioners around the world. Let’s not forget either the discovery of a gene implicated in the early familial forms of Alzheimer’s disease, or the promising development of a molecule allowing blood to liquefy in the context of strokes.


On the digital field, from the very first chip card for electronic transactions in the banking sector to contactless payment using a mobile phone, including payment by Minitel and the first payment on the internet: all of these innovations were born in Normandy! Today, we still owe the facial recognition system of the latest iPhones to a Norman start-up.

L'Hadronthérapie est développée à Caen ©Julien Hélie / Normandie Attractivité
ELDIM ©Julien Hélie / Normandie Attractivité

Stellar sighting techniques, development of intelligent systems… Aeronautics isn’t only a priority for the south of France. Indeed, there is also a strong sector of excellence here in Normandy which brings together real gems!


After reading all this, we believe you’ll understand that we have countless reasons to make you choose Normandy!

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