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This year, Un Été Au Havre is inviting major artists to the port of Le Havre to reinvent the town!


The 2021 edition has as its chosen theme illusion, from transformation to the gap between truth and lies, a subject that, according to Jean Blaise, artistic director for this edition, ‘fits perfectly with our states of mind due to the pandemic.’


To play the game to the full, the projects won’t be revealed before the works of art actually appear around town, a fortnight before the official opening, on 26 June. So, to see the pieces that are going to pop up around the port, visitors to Le Havre will have to keep their eyes open!


While awaiting the 2021 edition, which will last up to 19 September, you can (re)discover the ten works that make up the festival’s permanent collection to date.


For further information: uneteauhavre.fr


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