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Across the year, nearly 150 artistic events are planned in celebration of the bicentenary of the birth of famed author Gustave Flaubert.

Salammbô, Madame Bovary, L’éducation sentimentale (Sentimental Education), Un cœur simple (A Simple Heart)… The names of these literary works may ring bells. They’re the titles of masterpieces by the great Normandy writer, Gustave Flaubert, born on 12 December 1821… in Rouen!


To celebrate the bicentenary of Flaubert’s birth, the association Flaubert 21 is launching a wide range of events, open to all, across the year. Its honorary president is great French actor Isabelle Huppert, who played the role of protagonist Emma Bovary so magnificently in the 1991 film, Madame Bovary, directed by Claude Chabrol.


The plan to celebrate the date has spawned a mass of initiatives, public and private, at regional, national and international levels. Whether through competitions, reading and writing workshops, lectures or exhibitions, many figures from the artistic and cultural worlds, from universities, other educational bodies and tourist associations, have sprung into action to build up this programme of almost 150 happenings.


Watch Isabelle Huppert’s video message on the celebrations !

Consult the full programme of events on the website : http://flaubert21.fr/fr/agenda

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