Based at Valliquerville near Yvetot in the Norman county of Seine-Maritime, Eco-Technilin is Europe’s leading supplier of non-woven products made from natural fibres (flax, hemp, kenaf, jute), mainly used for car interiors. Video portrait.

Eco Technilin vitrine internationale d’un savoir faire normand

Sustainable development

The company was created in the year 2000 by an agricultural cooperative, in order to make the most of shorter flax fibres. Eco-Technilin has chosen an ecological approach, using organically-sourced or upcycled materials. Its products are recyclable – up to seven times, without losing mechanical performance – as the company offers its clients a service to recuperate the materials, to then put them back into the manufacturing cycle. ‘‘Sustainable development is our raison d’être and our clients have faith in our products not just because they’re technically good, but also because they’re good for the planet. Our whole business development policy is based on three pillars, economic, social and environmental,’’ explains Managing Director Karim Behlouli.


Over the last few years, Eco-Technilin has diversified its activities by developing new markets (for buses, lorries, construction, aeronautics, sports and leisure). A research and development laboratory was set up in 2011 at the heart of the company, in order to create ever more innovative new products.

It’s difficult to be totally precise about the number of innovations that have been created here in eight years. What we can say is that we have 15 patents now and that our ability to propose new solutions is almost boundless. The difficulty is finding a suitably large market to raise the funds necessary for new development.

To remember

Eco-Technilin makes 80% of its turnover abroad, with clients from Argentina to Australia, going via the USA, South America, Asia and Europe. Exporting is made easier by the proximity of the port of Le Havre.

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