Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to find some original gifts to take care of your loved ones and the planet. This year, give the gift of sustainability with the Normandy stamp on it!
Here’s a selection of local eco-friendly brands with ethical and exciting gift ideas. 


Zero-waste everyday essentials 


Pimpant is a business based in Cabourg selling everyday essentials and refills. From laundry detergent pods to shower gel and toothpaste, every item is designed to reduce waste. Pimpant was founded by Baptiste and Karline to rethink how we buy and use our everyday essentials, for children and adults! 

Les Rescapés

Indulgent biscuits made from beer sediment

Les Rescapés is a project by “Ma première bière” craft brewery that turns beer dregs into delicious sweet and savoury biscuits. Dregs are the leftover wheat produced during the brewing process. Support the circular economy with a snack. Please eat irresponsibly! 

Les Rescapés
biscuit-comte-les rescapés

La Paille d’O & La Perche

Sustainable slurps

La Perche
la perche paille bio

Say goodbye to plastic straws with La Paille d’O and La Perche. The two Normandy brands make organic straws from rye that is grown locally and harvested by staff from an ESAT (vocational rehabilitation centre). The straws are reusable and biodegradable. Slurp your favourite drinks in sustainable style! 


Board games with an eco-friendly twist

Luzocréa makes eco-friendly board games designed by its founder Alexandra then made at an ESAT. It’s the perfect game for curious little minds! They can play and learn with musical instrument memory games and sports quizzes. 

memo duo instruments de musique luzocrea

La Bougie Normande

Warmth and nostalgia

La Bougie Normande
la bougie normande

These artisan candles are made in reusable jam jars in Pays d’Auge to create a muted atmosphere and reduce waste. Normandy Madeleine, Normandy Caramel and Orchard Apple… traditional scents that will conjure up mouth-water memories among food lovers! 


Elegant and eco-friendly homeware

If you’re looking for sustainable accessories, GLLU is the place for you. Their wooden pieces are made using local species such as oak and chestnut and will bring soul to your loved ones’ homes. Shelves, vases, jewellery boxes, take your pick! GLLU brings style and sustainability together and won the Made in Normandy award at the 2023 Normandy Economy Awards. 


Yes Yes

A connected and responsible Christmas gift

Yes Yes

If you’re thinking of treating someone to a new phone, go for a refurbished one from Yes Yes. The Normandy start-up based in Caen breathes new life into electrical devices and boosts the local job market. Its eco-design packaging and recyclable accessories enable Yes Yes to provide a sustainable alternative to stay connected without sacrificing the planet. 


Wooden kitchen utensils

Treat your loved ones’ kitchens to a dash of craftsmanship with Tournabois. Vincent Galopin makes wooden oyster shuckers, soap holders and utensils in Villedieu-les-Poêles. Open your oysters in style this Christmas with Tournabois, award-winners at the 2022 Concours Lépine in Paris! 


La Balaiterie

A vintage artisan broom

La Balaiterie
la balaiterie

Marie-Laure and Arnaud Gabriel are keeping classic straw brooms alive. The brooms are made locally using sustainable materials (sorghum) with the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and respect for the environment. What sets them apart? You can personalise them! You can even gift someone a kit to make their own broom! 

Les Pochons

Cool recycled accessories

Les Pochons upcycles oyster cages washed up on the Cotentin coast. The cages are carefully cleaned and recycled to make bags that can take anything you throw at them. Each series is a limited edition so you can be sure your gift is unique and eco-friendly. 

Les Pochons


Escape the stress of the holidays

chalin coussin de méditation

Chalin makes specially-designed meditation and yoga accessories. Each piece is unique, designed and handmade in linen by Virginie. Chalin works with local suppliers to provide a wide range of meditation cushions, hot water bottles, yoga blankets and so much more to bring a bit of Zen to Christmas. 

Local specialities for food lovers

Calvados, Pont-L’évêque, Caramels… The perfect gift for any Normandy fan is obviously something for them to savour… and devour! Visit the Saveurs de Normandie website for cheese, spirits, biscuits, honey and other local specialities.


Explore Saveurs de Normandie

As you can see, you can celebrate Normandy and sustainability this Christmas! Treat loved ones to these Norman gifts and do your bit for the planet at the same time. Head over to Instagram for even more gift ideas and to take part in our Advent Calendar. 


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