Patrick Mercier is a dairy farmer in Champsecret, near Domfront in Orne, who began making organic camembert with the protected designation of origin in 2010. 70% of his milk is now used to make his cheese. 

Patrick Mercier is a champion of Normandy’s expertise and is president of the ODG (Normandy Camembert Protection and Management Organisation). His herd is made up entirely of Normande cows that are fed and cared for true to the family legacy.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just wait until you see the video about making 100% Norman camembert!

An overview of Patrick Mercier's farm

  • 1981: Patrick Mercier set up his farm
  • 120 hectares of farmland including 100 hectares of meadow and 20 hectares of wheat
  • 90 Normande dairy cows
  • The cows are out to pasture 9 months out of 12
  • 7 employees work on the farm alongside 2 partners including his son

Some Normande cows may be exported to Iran for their tender meat and strength, but their dairy cousins hold their own: the iconic mottled cattle are just as famous for their delicious milk! A Normande cow produces 15-20 litres of milk every day with a high protein content.

You need 1.9 litres of milk to make a single cheese compared to an average of 2.2 litres

To meet AOP (PDO) specifications and be awarded the Camembert de Normandie designation (rather than “made in Normandy”):

  • You need at least 50% Normande cows
  • Raw and unpasteurised milk
  • Cows must be out to pasture for at least 6 months
  • It must be moulded with a ladle, with 5 layers ladled at at 45-minute intervals

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