Normandy is home to a network of pioneering groups and industries that are often looking for new staff and working hard to make the industry more sustainable. Let’s meet Aptar Pharma in Eure, the world’s leading spray and aerosol manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry and an “Industry Showcase of the Future”.

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What is the Aptar group?

The Aptar group designs and manufactures a range of drug delivery, consumer product dispensing and active material science solutions. “Basically, we work in the packaging industry with three markets: fragrance-cosmetics, food & beverage and pharmaceuticals,” says Eric Goes, Aptar Le Vaudreuil site manager.

Aptar Phama, drone view

The Eure site is home to the American group’s biggest factory in the pharmaceutical market, Aptar Pharma, with over 1000 employees.

“We use over 70 years of respiratory and pulmonary expertise to target diseases such as asthma, COPD and seasonal allergies to improve and even save patients’ lives,” says Eric Goes.

As a global innovation centre in pharmaceutical systems of all kinds and the world leader in product dosing and dispensing, Aptar Pharma has been undergoing a digital and technological transformation over the last few years that has earned it the title of “Industry Showcase of the Future”.

A pioneering industry

The results speak for themselves: improved manufacturing performance thanks to digital tools, a more engaged workforce, increased customer loyalty and relations thanks to data sharing, focus on real-time problem resolution, reduced poor quality costs, better use of resources on the packaging line with fewer difficult tasks or jobs and better prospects for staff in these roles. The “Industry Showcase of the Future” label is awarded by the Alliance Industrie du Futur (AIF) to recognise French manufacturing projects that set the benchmark with inspirational and outstanding procedures. The technological and digital transformation launched in 2017 and has seen the factory improve staff loyalty, reduce its carbon footprint and increase its appeal.

“Our recipe for success is getting staff involved in the process, demonstrating our communication, perseverance, passion and patience,” says Eric Goes. He is delighted about the award. “It’s great news for our Le Vaudreuil site: it will boost its profile and showcase its expertise and skills.”

Aptar un groupe innovant vue de l'intérieur de l'uisne

Sustainable development

"We've been committed to sustainable development for years. We have a specific team on-site that are fuelled by the subject"

Aptar Pharma pharmaceutical aerosols

Educational campaigns, recycling projects, reusing waste etc. “We monitor facilities with almost 13,000 real-time measurements at both manufacturing plants. That means we can manage our energy better and reduce how much gas and electricity we use.” Some equipment has been replaced by more energy-saving machinery and a heat recovery system has been installed at the Le Vaudreuil site to heat the buildings.

The aim now is to develop a new range of pumps and valves to reduce the environmental impact of aerosols. The plan is to cut the carbon footprint by 90% by 2030.

Fast facts

  • Normandy companies with the “Industry Showcase of the Future” label: Nutriset and Toshiba (76), Faurecia (61), Bosch, Cotral Lab, Normandise Pet Food (14), Schneider Electric, Aptar Pharma (27).
  • The Aptar Group works in 3 industries: pharmaceuticals, fragrance-cosmetics, food and beverage. It is based in 20 countries with 14,000 employees worldwide. The Le Vaudreuil site makes drug dispensing solutions whilst the Val-de-Reuil site makes elastomer seals.
  • The Le Vaudreuil and Val-de-Reuil sites in Eure specialise in pharmaceuticals with 1200 employees and an estimated turnover of over 300 million. The Le Vaudreuil site is a global innovation centre for pharmaceutical solutions of all kinds used by millions of people. Eight billion products or components are used every year by 1.5-1.6 billion people worldwide.

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